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Whoever said money couldn't buy happiness never owned a pet. All of our whimsical wares have been thoughtfully curated and handpicked (including input from our in-house QC Meownager, Effie aka the Norwegian Forest cat). There's nothing that passes through his ginger paws that doesn't spread joy!


SO FUR SO GOOD is all about building loving memories with our furry family members, we know our products will put a smile on your face - whiskers or not. 





Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. Our commitment to a better world and future for our fur babies is why we strive to be a conscious company and reduce our carbon pawprint. We minimize dead stock by taking pre-orders, and do our part by reducing our packaging by opting for recycled and recyclable materials wherever possible. 

Be a part of our sustainability story! We encourage you to bring a reusable tote bag for self collection of your orders. Teamwork makes the dreamwork. Effie's words, not ours.


Being an animal lover starts at home and spreads throughout the community. We want to give the love we have for our pets to local animal welfare charities, shelters and rescue groups. That's why we're pledging a percentage of our profits to these charitable causes every month. 


SO FUR SO GOOD grows with every purchase, we are grateful for every show of support and thank you for supporting the less fortunate pets out there.



As we strive to set the gold standard for sustainability in the pets supplies industry, we aim to reduce our carbon pawprint by:

(1) preventing deadstock via pre-orders; 

(2) using recycled and recyclable packaging materials such as kraft bags, cotton twine, paper stickers, washi tapes and reused boxes where possible and necessary; 

(3) consolidating local delivery orders for batch deliveries every week; 


(4) offsetting our logistics and delivery carbon emissions through CarbonEthics x Seastainable Blue Carbon Plans

(5) partnering with carbon-neutral logistics and delivery companies; 


(6) encouraging our shoppers to join our sustainability efforts by bringing their own reusable tote bag for self-collection of their orders.

We also want to gift the love we give to our pets to the community and other less fortunate animals. To do that, we are first kickstarting this program by donating a percentage of our monthly profits to local animal rescue, welfare, and shelter groups. What's better is that you get to be a part of that decision! A monthly poll will be held on our Instagram stories to choose who we get to gift our love to that month.

To further give back to our community, we will be giving old toys or supplies* that are no longer played with or used, a new lease of life by repurposing and donating them to animal shelter groups.

We hope to be able to make an even bigger impact in future as SO FUR SO GOOD grows with your support! Thank you for sharing our vision and joining us on this journey.






As of December 2020, this initiative has yet to be launched as we are still working out the mechanics and logistics. However, shoppers may start to arrange to drop off their old items at our operating address, or request for a pick up during the delivery of their orders. Do stay tuned for more details on this page.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or would simply like to chat, feel free to send us a direct message on Instagram, or email us at





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