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Image by Wesley Tingey


SO FUR SO GOOD was born out of our love for our ginger Norwegian Forest, Effie, whom we pamper a lot with toys, beds, scratch boards, treats, and whatnot (albeit some he approves and some, not). We noticed pet shops often carry a lot less products for cats, and usually uninteresting ones that don't suit the aesthetics of a modern home. So we decided to share the love we give to Effie and our home with every other kitty and pawrent!


We currently bring in cute, unique, and modern cat toys and accessories for your cats and home. Most, if not all, products have been tried and approved by either Effie or his furriends, to ensure only the best quality products get listed on our store. As the store's in-house Quality Check Meownager, Effie sometimes reviews products through his Instagram and YouTube channel, which you can also follow and subscribe at @EffietheKittie.


As a small business, our store currently largely runs on a pre-order business model to ensure both business and environmental sustainability, while the smaller and more popular items are stocked readily. While we currently focus on cat-related products, it will definitely not be long before we curate for our other furry furriends too! Meanwhile, thank you for supporting our little store, and happy shopping!

Your pet's happiness is our happiness.

Here's our promise to you! →


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