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Terms & Conditions:

(1) Paw Purrks are transacted in SGD dollars
(2) The total spending accumulation per order is the final amount paid, excluding any shipping or delivery fee
(3) Where applicable, your Paw Purrk will be rounded down
(4) Once you accumulate 250, 400, or 600 Paw Purrks, you will be sent a unique code to your registered email
(5) Unique codes currently have no expiry, can only be used once, and are not stackable with other codes
(6) Paw Purrks cannot be bought or redeemed for cash, and can only be earned through our official online store (

(7) Paw Purrks are only awarded to members who create a free account on our website, and does not apply to guest checkouts
(8) Paw Purrks accumulated for any non-member order history will be credited into your account within 7 days once you create an account
(9) There is currently no expiry for total Paw Purrks accumulated​

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I have multiple pets. Which birth date do I use?
A: You can use either your own birth date, or one of your pet's birth date. Birthday purrks can only be redeemed once a year.

Q: What are your birthday purrks?
A: Birthday purrks are not fixed and can include anything from a unique code to a gift sent to your registered address.

Q: What happens to my Paw Purrks if I make a return?
A: Paw Purrks that are redeemed cannot be credited back into your account once it's been spent.

Q: I have a problem or question regarding my Paw Purrks. Who do I contact?
A: Please reach out to us via direct message on Instagram or email us at

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