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Who is behind SO FUR SO GOOD?


SO FUR SO GOOD is founded by Amanda, who is better known by her cyber moniker, ‘Beautiful Adieu’, on social media. Having been a fashion portrait photographer for the past 10 years, she naturally gravitates towards things which aesthetically catch her eyes. On days when she is not shooting, she is usually at home spending time with her ginger Norwegian Forest cat, Effie. 

Who is Effie?


Effie is Amanda's precious 3 year old male ginger kitty who also acts as the in-house Quality Meownager, where he tests and approves many of the products we list on the store. This is our assurance to you that we only curate the best quality for your precious fur family. Follow Effie and his goofy catventures on Instagram and YouTube. You can also wish him a happy birthday every 16 June!

I'm looking for a particular product for my pet. Can you source it for me?

Yes! Simply send us a message and we can take the discussion from there. Whether it is to find unique products for your businesses or to fit the aesthetics of your home while pampering your furkids, we can do it! 


I have suggestions for products or feedback for your business. Who do I speak to?

Thank you for looking out for us! If there's any way we can improve your experience while shopping with us, or if there's a product you'd like to see listed on the store, please do not hesitate to reach out either via direct message on Instagram, or through our email at

What are your sustainability and community efforts?

For more information on our sustainability and community efforts, do have a look at Our Promise!

Where can I find more information on orders, payment, and delivery?

You may find a list of useful answers regarding order, payment, delivery, returns and exchanges policies over at our Help Guide. International shoppers may read our help guide here. If you cannot find the answer you're looking for, contact us directly and we'll be happy to help!

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